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On-Line Site Design Estimator


Realtime Custom Website Estimate Calculator

Main or Index page $500.00 (Includes your existing Logo or a Custom design Logo and more)


Average cost depending on complexity per page (Non E-commerce)

up to 3 Pages  $225.00

up to 6  Pages 450.00

up to 10 Pages $750.00

up to 14 Pages $1050.00 (Above 14 pages )


Fees are based by each specific project

Flash:1 hr min $60.00 (Contact us for estimates)

Streaming: 1 hr min $60.00 (Contact us for estimates)


Host set up fee $25.00 (Contact us for Web Host provider Charge estimates)

Domain Name registration and or transfer $25.00

Secure Merchant account/gateway set up for accepting online payments $100.00 (Merchant fees separate)


Options for store front product images

E-commerce: Option-1  $500.00 (We set up shopping cart script and you enter product, images, pricing etc.)

E-commerce: Option-2  $1000.00 (We do set up of shopping cart, enter your products, images pricing etc.)

* +1-10 Per products and or photos set up $60.00

*+11-25 Per products and or photos set up $150.00

*+26-50 Per products and or photos set up $300.00

Your Estimated website cost: 

Note: The estimated cost shown here will vary at the completion of a project based on additions/changes made during the project.
Its intention is solely to give you a rough estimate cost based on standard services and is by no means to be used as a final cost amount.