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MTCS Computer Repair Procedure

No Computer Left Behind.

Our goal at Mountain Top Computer Shop is to repair, protect and educate consumers and their computers against threats and repeating problems.

Repair Shop Procedure

We fully understand your desire to have your computer back as quickly as possible. Most people show light signs of withdrawal when their computer is away from home.  We will try our best to return your computer as quickly as possible, A few things to remember….
Diagnostic tools can take up to 12 hours to run.  We might need to rerun tests multiple times throughout the course of the diagnostics and repair.  Multiple types of tests are more than likely needed to be ran as well.  Computer updates and patches may take a very long time to download and install.  If you do not have the original drivers to your peripherals i.e. Soundcard, videocard, modem, nic card etc.  They can take days to locate, if found needed.  Intermittent problems can take over a week to troubleshoot, depending on its re-occurrence.   Special Orders for proprietary parts might take 3 business days and up to 3 weeks depending on part and shipping choices made.  A computer brought in with multiple issues might extend the normal 3 to 5 business day promised date.

Mountain Top Computer Shop will not be responsible for data loss due to viruses, electrical problems, data corruption, or any other issue that causes data to become otherwise unusable and un-savable.

Mountain Top Computer Shops’ procedures include repairing a computer the quickest cheapest method first.  Some problems can resurface after days or weeks.   Mountain top computer shop, in the nature of the industry, would continue the diagnostic where it was left off -picking the next fastest, and cheapest method of repair.  All repair fees will be assessed therefore.

Our methods for virus / spyware / adware removal.

In the area of virus killing and the like…  There are two main choices of repair once a computer has been diagnosed with either a virus, hijacker, worm, spyware, adware etc. They are:  The quicker probable route and the longer definite route:
The quicker probable way includes running a suite of scanners to locate and destroy varmint programs.  Changing registry code by hand may be necessary to kill certain viruses and such.  Your data may be left intact if not corrupted by said pests.  Although most cases do not reoccur there is a slight chance a virus or worm repopulates itself some time later to plague the system again.  Where you would be left at square one. This procedure usually takes two hours to complete, some cases more.

The longer definite repair routine would include backing up your data (if need be), formatting the hard drive (you will have to re-install all programs), reinstalling the Operating System, updating and patching O/S. Locating (If need be) all peripheral drivers, installing necessary virus protection and update, spyware protection (if chosen), firewall (if needed), and a safe web browser.  Any backed up data would then be re-installed and the system would be put through a burn-in test to pass all diagnostics upon completion.  You will be responsible for resetting any internet connections including email accounts later. This procedure usually takes 3-4 hours to complete, plus backup time if needed and any driver search time, again if needed.  Your system would be left varmint free and running at top speed, but protected for today’s threats (if you have approved all security options for install).