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Billing for Web site development is done on a per item basis. There is a base cost per page, which represents the cost involved in authoring the source code (i.e., formatting, layout and design) of each page. Additional services, such as graphic design/artwork, ad copy development and programming, etc., are itemized separately.

Itemized Custom Web Site Design Estimators

  • Home page design, (first level) Includes Information Architecture, consultation (up to 4 hours), customized graphics, Web Site design, planning and publishing your new web site to Internet  $295
  • Second level pages (main pages) including text, Links, META tags and pictures: $100
  • Third level pages to further define second level main pages and include text, links META tags and pictures: $75
  • Detailed Response Form with customized Form Confirmation page, Database Logs (CSV) and testing: $125
  • Hourly Rate: $85/hr
  • Domain name registration $25 plus $10 annual registration fee.

Search Engine Services

  • Search Engine Programming including all necessary meta tags to enable search engines to efficiently index your web site and maximize the traffic generated by search engines. This also includes the addition of advanced search engine techniques to help enhance your ranking.
  • Manual Search engine submission to major engines.
  • Open Directory Project submission $20
    Serves information to: All the Web, AltaVista, Deja, Google, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Northern Light and Yahoo among others. This manual submission provides placement on several of the major search engines through a reliable focused directory system.
  • Site submission $20 plus $299 review fee.
  • submission $20 plus $199 review fee.
    Serves search results to AOL, HotBot, CNN, MSN

 Web Page Design Service includes:

  • page layout
  • entering all text
  • placing all art & graphics
  • creating alternate tags for images
  • key word density analysis
  • search engine placement meta tags
  • Production Fee and a
  • Design Fee


1 page

2 - 5 pgs

6 - 9 pgs

10- 19 pgs

20+ pgs

Production Fee
(once off)











Design Fee
(per page)






The production fee is to allow us to plan and prepare the information for your web site. This includes items such as:
The pricing is on a sliding scale upwards as larger projects require more time and research. The production fee is a once off charge. market research, search engine analysis, navigation planning, initial search engine registrations, written proposal          , basic marketing, concept planning, client consultations The design fee is the fee we charge for creating a standard web page. As each page has different text, images and layout. The fee for the design is also on a sliding scale - but downwards - as many elements such as page titles and graphics can be repeated and used throughout the site.
The design fee applies to each page and is added on top of the production fee.
The design fee includes items such as: image resizing and optimization, basic digital manipulation, purchasing stock images, meta tag optimization, textual layout, testing
MTCS Web does not write or re-write content. Your content must be supplied to us in an electronic form. ie floppy disk, cd-rom etc. If the content is not in an electronic form a fee will be applicable. Payment of Fees All domain name registration fees and Web hosting fees are payable upon acceptance of quotation plus the relevant deposit for commencement of your project.
Supplied by client on diskette. Limited to 200 words per Web page if not supplied on diskette. Web pages containing over 1,200 words may be subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting.
Please note: Services do not include editing client text. Please supply it in the final form you want displayed on the Web.
Standard Graphics
Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating any combination of your company logo, line, bullet, or  background.
Static Data Display
One HTML table per page, up to 30 cells total, included. Additional tables $25 each, plus any additional pages needed.
Photos and Custom Graphics
Standard fees include up to an average of four photos or graphics (other than the ones covered above) per Web page, client-supplied or client-selected from commercially available photo archives and clip art services. Client pays all license fees for photos or graphic images purchased for them.
Standard fees include an e-mail response link and up to 12 additional internal or external links per page.
Additional Photos/Custom Graphics
Placement of more than four photos/graphics per page average is $15 per picture. Additional customization of purchased graphics is billed at $30 per hour; estimate furnished and agreed to in advance.
Thumbnail/Large Photo Pairs
A "clickable" thumbnail photo loads a larger screen-size photo: $25 per pair if larger photo is placed on its own Web page; $15 per pair if larger photo is not on a Web page.

Web Site Procedure

    • .Com name procurement
    1. .com name search
    2. .com name registered
    • Hosting computer server setup
    1. Company Server setup in Bay
    2. .com IP address configured on server
    3. Folder & Directory Setup
    4. Security Installed & Configured
    • Material Gather/Pickup
    1. Text material
    2. Art & photo material
    • Concept Phase
    1. 3 design concepts are devised (using design kit info) for overall look and feel of the site along with the Masthead.
    2. Client is shown concepts to choose mixing and matching between the three. If client does not choose any then client should draw his idea out to design from.
    • Design Phase
    1. Masthead
    2. Footer
    3. Navigator Bar
    4. Content area
    5. Text Input
    6. Photo & Art Gather Web Prep
    7. Home Page Designed
    8. Category Pages from Nav Bar setup
    9. Individual Pages Setup
    10. Links configured throughout site
    11. Files uploaded and configured on Server
    12. Forms Programming (Web Coding Elements)
    13. Alpha Test (inhouse)
    14. Final Draft redesign
    • Pre-Proofing Stage
    • Proofing Stage

    Tips On Creating A Web Presence

    • First, decide on a domain name, such as, and check to make sure it is available on the Internet.
    • View other sites to help you decide on the general appearance you want.
    • You will need an ISP (Internet Service Provider), a Web Host for your site, a Domain Name Registrar, a Web Designer to create and load your site onto your Web Host's server, and someone to maintain the site if there will be periodic changes.
    • Write/diagram/outline for your designer all of the information (including text, graphics, and links) you want displayed on your web page.
    • The time it takes to load a web page on the Internet is very important to visitors. Keep in mind that the more graphics displayed on a page the longer it takes to load/see it. 
    • Size of graphics is also important. Larger image files take longer to display. Small files load faster and help to insure compatibility with and proper display on a wide variety of Internet user hardware and software systems. 
    • When choosing images to include in your web pages, be sure they belong to you, are royalty-free, or you have permission from the copyright holder to use them.
    • To insure that your pages are easy to read and understand and display properly on multiple user systems, stick with simple background colors.